“Soul” Work

Many say that the soul is a “non physical, immortal essence”. It’s a ghost or a light inside of you. There are many meanings for soul for many different people. But, according to the Bible, soul means “throat”, or “body”. The Hebrew word for soul is “Nephesh” and occurs over 700 times in the Old Testament. So, according to the body, people don’t have a soul, but rather, they are a soul. We are souls, living physically beings.

So, what is soul work? Is the soul often confused with the spirt? I believe so. The spirit inside of us is the only thing that provides our external light or is released from us later on. Our soul makes up our entire being, inside and out. So, when people say “soul work”, I believe it really means “spiritual work”.

“Soul Healing”

Spiritual work is the internal aspects inside that often make their way out through our words and actions. How do we combat the negatives of our spirit? How do we deal with ourselves when our spirits are not being used by the Greater Spirit? Well, this is what I do:

I’m a spiritual person who believes in Christ, so naturally, He is the source of everything good and pure inside of me. When my spirit is mean or ugly, I know that that comes from the fleshly spirit, not the Holy Spirit. I try my best to pray the moment I feel negativity in my spirit. I also do devotions and attend Bible studies to keep my spirit aligned with God.

Another thing that helps me is sleep. Sleep is possibly one of my top go-to’s. No one likes to be stressed or overwhelmed, so after I’ve called out the name of Jesus once or twice, I submit myself to the beautiful unconsciousness that is sleep.

The spirit is a powerful thing. It is the backbone of your character, your actions, basically who you are. The Spirit is how the heart, mind, and soul can be on one accord. Take care of your soul today by building your spirit.

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